What ever happened to Bridgegate???

Just a few months ago you couldn’t help but escape a daily update on Bridgegate and Chris Christie”s  (aka Fat Slob) participation in political revenge.  Subpoenas were flying about right and left.  In particular, the Democrats in New Jersey were screaming bloody murder and creating committees to investigate what really happened on that September morning nearly two years ago.  However, of late things have been awfully quiet in Trenton.  What ever happened to the investigative committee?  Why hasn’t “time for some traffic problems in Ft. Lee”, Bridget Kelly not been forced to testify?  Meanwhile the Fat Slob is plodding around the country raising money for the GOP with seemingly not a care in the world. Very curious to say the least, and I smell a big rat.  New Jersey is noted for its corrupt politics and I’m betting that the Fat Slob has had a nice chat with some the states’ Democrats, after which they decided to start low keying things about Bridgegate.  Things are so quiet that the Fat Slob is actually getting serious about running for president, recently stomping his fat presence in Iowa.  I get the distinct feeling that once again New Jersey will show itself to be a political cesspool stinking just as much as Exit 10 on the turnpike.

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