What you don’t know can’t hurt you

Indeed, this entire Weiner affair is the theater of the absurd.  What can one really say?  Any perceptive person can take one look at this guy and know he is a major creep.  Really needs to see a shrink. Still, this episode in sexual hijhinks by our elected officials is nothing new.  There is now a new twist to it because of the internet.  However, anyone who believes that sexual follies have not gone on for years but were just never reported is living on another planet where Sarah Palin is queen.  Look at some of our presidents for proof.  Roosevelt had a mistress for years and his wife knew.  Ike supposedly had a secretary he really liked.  JFK apparently kept a harem.  But the public knew little of these activities.  Historically all three presidents are looked upon with favor. Issues seemed to be more important like winning wars, building an interstate highway system, and with Kennedy breaking the religion barrier and providing inspired  leadership.  Bill Clinton set the standard for modern sexual behavior by politicians by actually getting a blow job in the oval office.  He is now regarded as a world elder statesman.  I could go into members of Congress but is would be too boring and silly.  The bottom line is that Weiner is most likely really insecure and immature sexually and I'll leave it to professionals to determine why.  I'm not claiming that Weiner is a great historical figure or would ever be but hen again he had some potential.  My mother had a favorite expression rooted in the knowledge that most Italian men of her generation had gomars.  Mom use to quip," Hey, what you don't know can't hurt you". How true. However today with the power of the internet it's getting harder to keep a secret particularly if your are a moron like Weiner. 

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