What you don’t know can’t hurt you

It seems lots of folks are carrying on about the end of the decade and looking back at the most significant events of the past ten years.  For my part, I believe that the expansion in the power of the Internet has been the most noteworthy occurrence.  Indeed, the Internet has transformed our political system and is likely responsible for the rude and intemperate political atmosphere that exists today.  The Internet has aided and abetted terrorists during the past decade.  Most recently it has transformed the social world with sites like Twitter and Facebook.  History is sure to record the last ten years as one of the most transforming eras in the story of man.  Another big event of the decade was the explosion in the use of cell phones and what those devices can now do.  You can't walk the streets in New York in 2009 without witnessing an army of cell phone users coming toward you.  After all got to stay connected!!  I'm old enough to remember when the Internet and cell phones were not the fabric of life, and you know what?  They were happier less stressful times. It was easier to escape. My mother had a saying, "what you don't know can't hurt you".  She was right.

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