When will John McCain stop whining?

When will Crazy John McCain get over to losing the last election to Barack Obama?  Regular readers of Barrow Bits know how I hold John McCain in utter contempt. Beyond thinking him to be unstable mentally I also believe that by picking Sarah Palin as his VP choice, McCain opened a Pandora's box of political nut jobs who have dominated the political discussion for way too long.  Palinism has poisoned the national dialogue and made it chic for Republicans to be no-nothings.  Blame it all on the "moderate" McCain who by being so reckless in choosing a totally unqualified running mate in 2008 set wheels in motion for the possible destruction of the Republic.  What he couldn't do by starting a nuclear war with some country, he will accomplish via the destruction of intelligent political debate.  Just read the book or see the movie Game Change to see what havoc Palin caused.

Now McCain is whining about the Osama thing.  He can't get over that Obama the wimp took out the world's most notorious terrorist who was responsible to killing more than 3,000 Americans.  John McCain should shut up and get over it.  He disgusts me.

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