Where is Santa?

For those expecting a Santa Claus rally, I have bad news.  It's not going to happen.  There are just too many negatives around for stock prices to show much progress in this holiday shortened week.  Indeed, after reading the papers and watching the talk shows yesterday the market will be fortunate not to have a major pre-Christmas meltdown.  In reality, I can never remember a worse economic outlook.  Of course, I was not around for the Great Depression but right now I don't know how things can get much work.  Lots of people will be losing their jobs in the months immediately ahead and while President Obama will do all he can to soften the economic malaise, he (contrary to many observations) is not the Messiah who with a lifting of his arms will cure the many economic and financial ills that have been festering for way too long.  On that note, have a great day everyone!

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