Who Cares???

The most boring show on earth, also known as the Academy Awards, returns to the television screen tonight. Honestly folks I don't want to insult those of you who might tune in but I believe that watching this fiasco is a major waste of time unless you are looking for an alternative to a sleeping pill.  The thought of anyone staying awake to watch a bunch of self-obsessed morons parade around trying to look relevant just boggles my imagination.  To be sure, I don't go the movies very much since they have become so expensive and most of that plays, with rare exceptions, is garbage.  I was reminded of the lack of quality in today's cinema offerings while watch the great movie Witness for the Prosecution the other day on Turner Classic movies. Wow, what a flick.  The folks in that movie -Charles Laugton, Tyrone Power, and my favorite Marlene Dietrich, were real stars, not at all like the trash that poses as actors today.  Seems you can't get an Academy Award today unless you are virtually nude or portraying a demented killer!!  Oh, and the current debate raging is that the Awards ceremony will be "too white".  What nonsense.  For my part, I will pass on the Academy Awards and instead be tuning in to PBS to watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey.  Indeed, I would love to hear what Lady Violet would have to say about the current offerings from Hollywood.  Bet it would be a classic zinger. 

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