Who died and made Mitt Romney king?

The Republican Follies had another performance on Tuesday and as usual it got rave reviews!! Oh, I wish  it would go on forever.  What material flows from each new performance.  The comedy is superb!  As I watched the returns on Tuesday I was fortunate enough to view the election night speeches of three truly sick people.

Let' start with Ricky Santorum who maintains he is on a mission from God.   Have you ever noticed his nose and the noses of all in his family?  They are truly amazing  and unattractive.  The whole clan can use a nose job.  Anyway, Ricky did well on Super Tuesday and will remain in the hunt.  He does not acknowledge that Willard is the for sure nominee and plods on preaching his theocratic doctrines.  His appeal to the wingnuts who vote in GOP primaries is growing.  He is getting better as a candidate and would likely be the front runner if he didn't have such a big mouth that seems to utter one inanity after another. He will soldier on because he is on a mission. 

Newt Gingrich should be in a mental institution.  He seems to have an obsession about space exploration. He wants to establish moon bases.  Perhaps he and his Bobby Doll babe number three wife should migrate to the moon?  Really folks this dude should not be allowed to walk the streets.  Way off!!!

Then there is Willard Romney.  The more I watch this man the more I dislike and revile him.  He doesn't have one core belief.  His failure not to condemn Rush Limbaugh's recent comments is classic Romney.  The man may have lost his balls in that "magic" underwear.  He is so repulsive in his inauthentic behavior that it makes me want to throw things at the TV.  His is and empty suit.  The kind of stooge that I use to hate on Wall Street when I worked there. He is attempting a hostile takeover over a party that really doesn't like him very much. Can't imagine why? 

For my part, I think this show will have several more performances so stay tuned. You can't make this stuff up.

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