Why not dump Mitt-Witt?

I know that "technically" it would be hard for the Republicans not to nominate Romney.  Legally a majority of delegates are pledged to him and you could be sure that Mitt-Witt would spend lots of his Swiss bank account to defend his legal right to the nomination.  Still if Republicans don't want to nominate a sure loser they could "draft" a new candidate when they meet next month in Tampa.  Imagine the media storm and if the person they nominated was even mildly sane an instant front-runner for president would emerge. Mitt-Witt has proven that he does not have the smarts to be president or that as charged he is so out of touch with reality that he believes his own lies.  Clearly from 1999-2022 he controlled Bain.  I worked on the Street so I know how things work.  May not have been there every day but I bet every important decision was passed by him.  The thing is that if Bain were so wonderful as Romney claims why is he now denying involvement even when SEC forms declare his role as managing director and CEO? Romney will not release his full tax returns and one can only wonder why?  Could it be that they will show income from Bain as salary in the years he claims he was not involved?  Or maybe in some years he paid no tax at all taking advantage of every loop hole that was available. In any event Mitt-Witt is finished but he is not yet nominated.  Republicans should deny him they nomination.

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