Wife Wars

Forget climate change which is never ever mentioned in the Republican fight for president.  Forget economic policies that make sense. Forget any meaningful discussion of foreign policy.  Instead the two leading candidates for president in the GOP are engaging in fights about their respective spouses.

Well if you want my opinion I certainly think that Donald wins hands down.  Melania is exotic and hot looking and looks pretty good on a bear skin rug, On the other hand Heidi Cruz looks like the second grade teacher who you hated. .  Face Brute!!  And add self righteous and phony.  In fact she teams up perfectly with Ted who is the most evil candidate I've ever seen operate,  I hope The Donald does have some shit on Heidi.  That would rich.  Rumor has it that one day she totally lost it and ran screaming out of her offices and then was running in the streets like a lunatic where she had to be restrained by police,    

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