Just read the NY Times rendition of what went on yesterday on Wall Street and I'm ready to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head!!  Yes, the world is coming to an end and it seems nobody can do anything to prevent it from happening.  Despair grips the market and all seems hopeless.  The economy is headed for "deflation" which is far more dangerous than "inflation", which was a worry just three months ago!! Remember gasoline at $5.00.  It's now under $2 in New Jersey!!  Remember how the smart ones on the Street were saying the price would go to $200.  The whiplash of 2008 will long be remembered for sending so many folks in search of anti-anxiety drugs.  It's been hard to live through, but according to today's NY Times is going to get much worse.  Really can't imagine that, but then again it's 2008.  Sometimes historic times are very ugly to live through. 

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