Yes, it can happen here

Tonight's GOP debate in Detroit is gaining lots of attention mainly because of the "re-match" between FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump.  Yeah folks it's all about entertainment!!  Don't concern yourselves with the prospect of the Republican Party nominating a fascist for president.  A man so unworthy of the office that it makes me sick to even think of the possibility.  Trump is a racist demagogue that advocates things as nasty as torturing people and restricting first amendment rights.  He advocates violence at his campaign events and favors trade wars and restricting people based on their religion from entering the United States.  Make no mistake Adolph Hitler has been revived in the person of Donald Trump.

So as we watch the debate tonight remember what's at stake folks.  Think about your families.  Think about the reputation and direction of the country we love.  Be entertained but also be terrified of what is happening.  Yes, it can happen here. Don't wait for the knock on your door in the middle of the night.  Stop Trump now.

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