Kate Smith

On this Easter Sunday morning I could write about my utter disgust on the mere mention of the name of Donald Trump (aka Dump).  Indeed I could rant for countless keystrokes about how he has probably ruined this country forever.  His shit stain of a presidency will echo through the ages as the low point in the history of the USA.  However, I won’t go any further.  Rather I want to address the outrage being inflicted on the memory of Kate Smith.  Perhaps many readers don’t remember her.  The hefty singer of the 1930’s was an American treasure. Radio audiences adored her strong voice.  Later on in the 50’s she has a TV show.  I was exposed to her through by immigrant Dad who loved to listen to her, particularly when as she often did, sang patriotic songs.

Today the legacy of Kate Smith is being sullied.  Apparently when times were different she performed songs that today are deemed as “racist”.  Doesn’t matter that black performers sang the same lyrics.  She is now reckoned to be a racist and as such her recording to “God Bless America” which has been played in the bottom of the seventh inning at Yankee games since 9/11 is now banned.  Same thing in Philadelphia at Flyer games and course being the vulgarians that they are in Philly they have covered the statue of Kate in the concourse with a gross tarp.  Perhaps there are more important things to stress over this morning but this really pisses me off and I’m sure my Dad wherever he may be would have a few choice Italian words. For me I can just say what the fuck is wrong with this country?