A Very Sick Country

Some mornings it just hits you right up front. This is a very sick country. I’m not just talking about the death toll from corona but the attitude of so many so called citizens of this republic that tolerate the kind of hate being spewed daily from the supposed leader of the free world. Trump has so polluted the body politic that any civil discourse is virtually impossible. We have a situation where it has become a political issue of whether or not to wear a mask in public. Complete and utter insanity. Then you have the actions of racist police officers killing an unarmed black man by choking him to death. Yes not all police are racists but in my opinion most are!!! In Central Park in NYC an obviously deranged white women feels threatened by a black bird watcher. Her past reveals other instances of delusion. There are more than 100,000 Americans dead today because a totally incompetent and cruel creature occupies the Oval Office. What the fuck is wrong with the country. Very sick.