The Twilight Zone

Surely this past week qualifies as one of the most bizarre times of the Twilight Zone in which we all now live. Consider that the week featured the emergence of a Gestapo police force in Portland that is going around arresting people without authorization on the orders of a demented sociopath. Then pivot to Georgia where the governor of the state is suing the major of Atlanta who wants people to wear masks to help mitigate a pandemic. For more evidence of impending doom shift to Washington where the President of the United States and his air head daughter are hawking beans of a company that kisses the ass of a lunatic. Meanwhile the pandemic is sweeping the nation infecting and killing thousands of people while the Fat Slob sociopath golfs with his South Carolina butt boy. Surely folks this has to be one of the strangest weeks of the Twilight Zone. My fear is that it’s gonna get worse!!!!