55 and Over Scumbags

I have the unfortunate situation of living in a 55 plus community in central New Jersey that is loaded with a bunch of racist old farts many of which have migrated from ultra racist Staten Island. There are Trump signs all over the place. I have very little to do with these cretins but the stench of their hatred still permeates the air making even my walks difficult to take these days. However as bad as it here the images yesterday of Dump’s super spreader rally at the Villages in central Florida were absolutely chilling. The Villages is billed as the largest retirement community in the USA and for my part is an image of hell. These morons were packed together yesterday to cheer their fearless leader who was there to rally them to vote their hatred. I really hope that many in that crowd of fat ugly assholes have the pleasure of welcoming COVID into their lives!!! Society certainly will not miss them!!!