Posts on this blog have become more infrequent in recent months. Not because there is nothing to talk about but because there is TOO much to talk about. Indeed this is the era of chaos. What else to call a time when there is so much reluctance on the part of some severely demented people not to get vaccinated against a potentially deadly disease? How do you really attempt to comment on a political party that sells nothing but a big lie? How do you write about a well intentioned old fool who should not be president of the United States? And why is a former president who is guilty of organizing a coup attempt still free? How to comment of the calamity of climate change that is spelling doom for the planet and human life? How do you comment on these and other factors that have the world in chaos like I’ve never seen in my life time? So folks it’s not as if I don’t want to post more but very often the chaos of the times just leaves me very depressed.