Shake things up!!!!

Truly folks the media in this country is out of hand!!! To be sure the recent off year elections were nothing short of disappointing for Democrats and with good reason. Democrats have given the country a vivid display of incompetence via the shit storm now going on in Congress. Democrats control the House, Senate, and the Executive but they can’t get vital legislation passed. This current bunch of Democrat jerks in the House is the worst of my memory. They are clowns. Meanwhile Biden is increasingly and visibly failing in any realistic approach to leadership. I contend he is suffering from cognitive decline, He should resign for the good of the country

As for the actual elections the media reports of Democrat gloom were more than a little exaggerated. Take Virginia. The Democrats candidate was likely one of the worst ever!!! Still he made it close with historic trends also a hindrance, Frankly I intensely dislike Terry. A complete asshole. And here in Jersey the media is reporting this “close” election for Governor was a big surprise. In reality folks when all the vote is counted Murphy will win by about 4 points. First time in 40 years a Democrat Governor reelected. So take a chill folks. Not to say I’m not worried sick over next year. Democrats need to get their shit together and first is getting rid of the stiff in the Oval Office. Biden is way too old. I don’t wish the man ill but for the good of the country he should step down and let Kamala step in. That would shake things up a bit!!!