Fascist Florida

It’s happening right before our eyes. They are now openly acting like fascists. Yesterday in Florida a political activist was arrested for attempting to ask a question at a news conference at which Ron DeSantis was trying to explain away his horrible response to the current surge of COVID in the state. DeSantis has been AWOL for several weeks during the surge. Probably plotting his moves to become the GOP presidential nominee in 2024. He is a clever ivy league educated creep who knows Trump is more likely to be in jail in 2024 than be running for president again. DeSantis has many qualities that the crazy loony base of today’s Republican Party would embrace. He would have a good shot at the nod. Meanwhile he is acting like a fascist dictator in having people led out of his events in handcuffs. Indeed, the images of a black man being handcuffed out of a public event at the behest of Ron’s private security force in chilling and reminiscent of pre-war Nazi Germany.