Democrat Political Malpractice

By any historical standard this November will be a tough go for Democrats. However, the antics of the party are making the upcoming Congress elections a disaster in waiting for the Democrats. Indeed, as a former Wall Street analyst I can attest to the fact that if inflation is trending higher the party in power is in danger and right now prices are moving higher at the fastest pace in 40 years. The pandemic while waning now was not handled well by Biden who declared the whole thing was over in mid-2021 only to be followed by the omicron wave. American are emotionally drained and very unhappy. What do Democrats do? Well for starters they shouldn’t drag out Hillary Clinton to be their spokesperson. This old bag gave a speech citing all the same grievances about the Republicans that didn’t work when she ran a disastrous campaign for president. Indeed, why do the Democrats insist on putting forth these ancient relics to be the face of their party? Biden is bad enough but now the loser Hillary. Get real Democrats or we are going to have the fascist Republicans running Congress in the next two years. Definitely political malpractice.