Sick and getting sicker

On this Easter Sunday morning it’s hard to be optimistic about the fate of mankind. Of course, the Russia / Ukraine situation is almost surreal if not for the real suffering of thousands of poor souls. Death and destruction because a tyrant wants power? A familiar theme throughout history but this time the threat of nuclear warfare looms as a possibility. I had believed that Putin wouldn’t resort to this temptation but he is increasingly getting pushed up against a wall and I’m sure he is pissed and even more crazy. Even we avoid a nuclear disaster the US domestic situation is enough to drive me to even more drink!!!

As a former Wall Streeter I know that nothing kills political ambitions more than inflation. Prices, particularly for food, are up sharply. People vote with their pocketbooks. As it stands now Democrats will lose the House and the Senate is up for grabs. Can you really imagine the GOP crazies in the House running Congress??? Therefore on this glorious Easter Sunday morning I wish I good be hopeful, but I can’t. It’s sick out there and getting sicker!!!!