End of Days

It certainly appears that the end of days are upon us. Just watch the news for 10 minutes and you get a lifetime worth of depressing happenings. The situation in Ukraine is in the realm of the surreal. Why in the name of creation are we not going in there will guns blazing to save the brave Ukrainian people? Perhaps if we had a president that was not going senile and having increasing signs of dementia this crisis would quickly come to an end. Russia is a paper tiger. You think Putin will risk war with the US? I think not. As bad as Biden is the Republicans are in a league of their own. Republicans are at the point of avoiding reality and denying they have said things that are on tape!!!! We have a narcissistic billionaire attempting to take over Twitter in an effort to hide the fact that his Tesla cars are pieces of shit. Meanwhile the neo-fascist governor of Florida is picking fights with cartoon characters. Not a good morning friends. End of days for sure.