It’s the guns not “mental health”

Surely, we are nearing the end of days. To be sure, the killing of young innocents in Texas is another sign that the end is near. Yesterday I watched the news conference where that sociopath governor of Texas ranted about mental health being the reason 19 children and two teachers were gunned down in cold blood. There have mental health issues for humans since the beginning of time but there weren’t always automatic assault weapons that could be purchased by an 18-year-old without any checks. The problem is GUNS!!! There are more guns than people in the United States. The rest of the developed world deems us barbarians of gun violence and they are right. What kind of sick society allows people to purchase weapons of carnage without background checks??

Of course, a major part of the blame for this situation rests squarely with gun manufacturers and their allies in the Republican party that solicit and get money from these purveyors of death. Why in the name of God do individuals need high powered weapons of death? Many of the children killed in Texas couldn’t even be identified without DNA tests because they were so mutilated, We need serious gun control legislation in this country but the Republicans block every attempt. This is a sick country and getting sicker by each passing day. How many more folks will die from the carnage resulting from these weapons of destruction??