Texas Turds

How very fitting that the NRA is holding its annual convention in Texas. The perfect place for a bevy of sociopaths to meet and party. And of course, they have a list of great speakers to rile up the cretins. The former president of the United States spoke in his usual psychotic manner was awarded with warm applause by the gathering of gun loving freaks. But the warmest welcome was accorded to Ted Cruz. Really folks Cruz is the epitome of an excuse for a man. He is a creature from Hell and even bears a resemblance to the devil. This is a creature that is the definition of evil and cowardice. Indeed, his continued existence makes me doubt the possibility of God. Then there is Greg Abbott who is the leader of the Texas turds. He is a villain of epic proportions. In his wheelchair he reminds me of an evil character from a Bond movie. And I have to mention those Texas cops who look so ridiculous in their fucking huge hats. So brave that they stood aside while children were being massacred. They surely have a reserved place in Hell. My only hope is that Beto will be able to flush these turds in November!!!!