The Biden Blues

In moments of crisis, the president is called upon to be a leader. And when people are feeling scared and angry and outraged, they look to him for that. We are not getting that from Joe Biden. We get platitudes along with the images of an old man trying to hang on to the prize he sought so often but failed at getting. He probably is a decent sort of a man. The Catholic thing scares me since he buys into so much of the off the wall dogma. He has had personal tragedies that would take a toll on anyone. That is all well and good but the country more so than any time in the recent past needs a LEADER. We need some inspiration from a vibrant leader. I was glad to see Newsom in California going ballsy with his new ads airing in Florida which are really pissing off DeSantis, Biden is not capable of dealing with the negative mood now permeating the country. This relentless spiral of shootings is very worrisome. Lots of very angry people out there. The Biden Blues for sure.