The Hillary Mess

To be sure, the country is a mess right now. The insanity of Donald Trump now apparently extends to his possession of nuclear documents. Very likely the motive for the retention of these nuclear secrets was money. It’s always money for this evil man. Indeed, Trump is a cancer that has shaken the very foundation of our democracy. Yes, he’s demented and should never have been president. In 2016 by all reasonable standards Joe Biden should have been the Democrat nominee. I have no doubt that he would have beaten Trump. Instead, the Democrats nominated a totally flawed Hillary Clinton who proceeded to run one of the worst presidential campaigns in history. She thought it was her “turn” to be the first woman president and Obama who has very small balls was intimidated into backing her by the feminist lobby. Of course, he should have backed Biden!!! So, folks as the country careens toward civil war thank Hillary Clinton for this mess.