The Santos Travesty

The big news this morning is that newly elected House Representative George Santos lied about his background. Mind you these were not little white lies but king size whoppers. He has admitted to lying about his business experience, religion, and sexuality. He has admitted to being broke and then suddenly lent his campaign $700,000. Lied about his residency, and by some accounts committed crimes in Brazil. The guy is a travesty and should not be allowed to sit in Congress. Now to be sure most political figures fudge the truth but in this case the fraud is so apparent that it warrants decisive action. Also, I believe the NYS Democrat party is a joke. Did they ever hear about opposition research? This Santos character was running for the SECOND time. The political malpractice is amazing. Anyway, Santos will likely be seated as Republicans need every possible vote to control the chamber. Sad commentary on our political climate.