Happy New Year

I have a strong feeling that 2023 may be a lousy year on many levels. Of course, everyone has their “micro” issues of health and relationships that could influence the total mix. Still, the “macro” issues could truly be stunning. First, the political situation in the country will be outrageous in 2023. Any hope for meaningful legislation to benefit our society is virtually nil. Republicans have cemented their position in the crazy lane, and they will contribute nothing to political dialogue but hate. . I predict that in 2023 we will see the horrible Ron DeSantis become the front runner for the 2024 nomination, I’m not as scared of him as I have been. I think he will self-destroy on the national scene. Of coarse the new year will increase speculation about another run by Biden. I sincerely hope that Biden will rest on his accomplishments and retire. He will go down in history as being a significant player in the restoration of American democracy. If that happens who will the Democrat’s choose.? I can’t even conjure up who it would be. Meanwhile climate problems will continue unabated in the coming year. Climate change is serious, and I shudder to think of the worst outcomes. Russia may be a real problem in 2023. Putin is hopelessly lost in Ukraine and lost men often do nutty things, The man does have nukes. Anyway, I hope to be commenting more frequently in coming months but for now Happy New Year to all.