Kevin McCarthy -SINO

So the man from California achieved his dream job. Even after receiving extreme humiliation from right wing lunatics, he craved the job and finally got it. Good luck Kevin!! Actually, I think that Kevin is stupid enough to think that he actually will have power. In order to get the gig, he had to agree to a procedure that basically makes his power mute. One member could now basically ask for a vote of no confidence for poor desperate Kevin. Indeed, the chaos among Republicans is very entertaining to political junkies (I admit I’m one) but these cretins are basically in control of the House agenda. Kevin is a speaker in name only. With absolute sociopaths calling the shots in the House we the people are in deep shit. They will likely vote not to up the debt limit which will cause major economic pain. These horrible people just don’t seem to care. They are ignorant idealogues, but they now have the opportunity to do real damage. Kevin Sino more than likely will be unable to maneuver any of the zealots to cooperate. Fasten your seat belts folks gonna be a rocky road.