Crazy times

To be sure there have been other times in American history that were tumultuous. However, the current antics going on in Washington are truly disgusting and made worse by the acceleration of media coverage. The image of two-House members confronting each other on the House floor with the word BITCH being used by the husky cretin from Georgia. I will not use the names of these witches because that’s what they want. The are truly sick and repulsive. Meanwhile the media whores were all over the story of the fucking submarine and the search for billionaire survivors who nothing better to do than go looking at the wreckage of the Titanic. Meanwhile extreme weather conditions are occurring all over the planet. The southern USA will fry in the coming days, And forget the political situation right now which is akin to a banana republic. We have a president that borders on senility and says he wants to run again. Give me a break!!! I could go one and on about these crazy times but will instead head to herb garden.