Twilight Zone

Can it really happen?? Could the USA face the choice of candidates for president as Trump or Biden? Could it be that the strongest military power on earth will be headed by a clearly semi-demented Biden or a totally deranged lunatic in Trump. Actually, in all my years of paying close attention to politics this prospective November choice really makes me sick and very worried for the future of the nation. Trump is an evil force. Biden is well intentioned but TOO old to serve. Really what the fuck is wrong with Democrats to not realize this!!! We are in the Twilight Zone,


The cat is truly out of the bag. Joe Biden should not be president of the United States. Biden is clearly not mentally up to the job. I’ve thought that for months even before an official report described him as elderly and sometimes aloof. I’m writing this as a man close to Biden’s age who has serious senior moments. It comes with the territory. Biden should not be the nominee, yet Democrats are seemingly going to go in that direction. Will the choice in November really be this awful? Trump or Biden. The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves.

The Twilight Zone

This must be the twilight zone!! How else could the most powerful country in the world be facing a leadership choice of either a clearly demented Trump or and old geezer by the name of Biden. You might think this is fiction but clearly its reality on this cold January morning. Trump is beyond demented. He’s depraved and delusional. The very thought of him once again in charge of the nuclear arsenal is truly frightening. As for Biden he needs Jill to hold him up while walking. It’s almost comical if the security of all of us was not at stake. Must be the twilight zone.


I’ve always viewed January as a very depressing month but this year its depression on steroids. Politically this country is facing the possibility of a choice between two demented men to be the next president. Trump beyond being demented is the epitome of political evil. Biden is just a stubborn old man who is finding it hard to leave a job he coveted so long for. The House is filled with brain dead ultra radical conservatives like Margorie Taylor Greene. Meanwhile much of the nation will be getting a taste of the dramatic effects of climate change this weekend. For my part, I’m completely ready to call the rest of January off!!!

A sense of humor

Increasingly I depend on my sense of humor to even get through a batch of news clips of Republican congressional members. The current Speaker of the House is particularly enjoyable. I truly believe that the man is a religious nut and that he is not very bright. His fellow GOPers are not much better. Insanity now reigns in the Trump Republican Party. Barry Goldwater must be turning over in his grave.

The Fat Slob

Long time readers of my blog must be aware of my complete disdain for former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, aka the Fat Slob. He has been mouthing off about how bad Trump is and forgets about the way he kissed his ass in the past, Not surprising for The Fat Slob who just craves attention. He doesn’t stand a chance to be the nominee but like a big fat baby just wants the attention. I guess the weight loss surgery didn’t take because the Fat Slob is more grotesque than ever.

The coming year

Haven’t posted for a while but with a new year rapidly approaching thought it might be fun to make some predictions for 2024. First off, I think Trump will crash and burn quite early. He is clearly insane and shouldn’t be anywhere near the white house. Can’t really say who the GOP will nominate. Maybe Haley but I have reservations she can get nomination. The Old Fool aka Joe Biden will end up not running, Just take a look at the man!! He can fall over any second. Really can’t say who the democrat nominee will be except it should be a woman. The Middle East will explode with violence spreading, US involvement will grow. Very serious geo-political issues will develop and will make the stock market very nervous and this old Wall Street man predicts a big market correction early in the New Year. Hope to post more in the New Year.

Signs and Omens

The climate is telling us that the end may be near. For years many doomsday prophets have been saying exactly that, but I think recent events brings me more around to their position. The hurricane in LA was a big deal, Nothing like it since 1938..Then of course the little earthquake was the frosting on the cake. Honestly any folks who continue to live in LA region are doing so at extreme risk Now several hurricanes are forming in the Caribbean. One is sure to hit the east coast of the US. Florida is truly at risk. Still with life altering climate events waiting in the wings the corrupt disgusting media just wants to focus on a lunatic ex-president. The signs and omens are clear folks.

The worst of times

I feel better if I don’t watch the so-called news. To be sure the media loves the political circus led by Ringmaster Donald Trump. I often wonder what the cable stations would offer if the Trump circus was not around? Perhaps they would report on the climate disaster that is clearly underway and threatens millions of lives? Trump is a gift from heaven for these calculating disgusting cretins. I for one have been watching lots of MASH reruns. An absolutely brilliant series. And of course, the Golden Girls always prompt a comforting laugh. Call it a form of escapism and it probably is just that!! But I have to confess that the current political situation in the United States is now comparable to third world regimes. Personalities over policy. The prospect of a Biden-Trump rematch is almost surreal. Indeed these are the worst of times.

So true

Just like Republicans have embraced wholly unpopular abortion bans and book bans and interstate travel bans, LGBTQ bans and Don’t Say Gay laws and attacks on earned benefits, they’ll also embrace Trump and his efforts to undermine our democracy on Jan. 6, because this is a party that exists to pander to the same extremist elements that are destroying its own viability.
Source MSNBC