The importance of tomorrow when James Comey will testify before Congress cannot be minimized.  Comey's words may be enough to send Dump into full fledged melt down mode.  Indeed, I hope someone of sound mind exists in the White House to hide the nuclear football.  From all indications Dump is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  He is obviously delusional and unhinged and this all adds up as bad news for the American people.  Never in my life did I ever imagine something like this happening in my country.  Dump is clearly in over his head but he is too insane at this point to realize it.  I have visions of the day that he will run screaming out of the White House and have to be captured with a net by men in white coats!!! 

What will be very interesting tomorrow to see have the Republicans react to the testimony. These Republicans have for now behaved beyond horrible.  With them it's always politics over country.  History will judge these fools very harshly for not speaking out against the mad king.  And let's see what develops from Dump's DEPLORABLE base.  Only the most ignorant and racist among us could still come to the defense of this creature from the depths of hell.  However, many of these people are violent and own lots of guns.  Lord have mercy!!!

Anyway folks keep the faith and keep those green lights burning at night!!!



Comey’s Excellent Performance

It was reassuring to watch James Comey testify yesterday. Here was a man of intelligence, grace and total honesty helping to put nails in the coffin of a monster.  Indeed, Comey just exudes the kind of demeanor I would like to see in a president of the USA instead of the buffoon shit head that now occupies the Oval Office.  While there wasn't any new "smoking guns" revealed it's clear that Dump is on the ropes.  There is just too much smoke not to be fire.  For those of us hoping Dump would be gone quickly it now may take a little longer but be assured our national nightmare will be over.

He’s Going Nowhere

For those of us hoping for an immediate end to Dump's presidency the events of the past few days have to be depressing.  Increasingly it does not appear that the demented king's reign will end anytime soon.  He will never resign and impeachment is really not an option at this time.  Those of us in the resistance must stay strong until the 2008 mid-terms.  If we come out and vote we can take back the House and then maybe we could talk impeachment.  For now unless something nuts happens we are stuck.

A Blessing

Yesterday President Dump called his first full cabinet meeting which really looked like the bar scene in the original Star Wars. To begin the meeting each cabinet member paid tribute to the Great White Leader by singing his praises with many telling him it is truly a "blessing" to serve him.  The most sugary praise came from VP Pence who appeared on the verge of tears in praising Herr Dump.  Really folks try watching this crap on TV and try to refrain from wetting your pants. Oh and by the way, Dump is claiming to be the most productive presidents since FDR. No president ever got as much legislation passed so early on.  Of course the problem with that statement is Dump has signed NO legislation.  He and GOP controlled Congress have accomplished NADA. Yes. Dump is truly a blessing!!


Fat Slob Update

Long time readers of this blog are aware of my total contempt for Chris Christie who is known here as the FAT SLOB.  Yesterday a poll was released that showed his approval rating in New Jersey is now at an all time low of 15%.  More than 80% of Garden State voters disapprove of him  I am proud to say that even when the Fat Slob was the toast of the town and had soaring approval numbers I said the man was a sleaze and a phony.  I feel very vindicated.  Indeed, the 15% approval is the lowest of any governor in the 50 states!!!  The Fat Slob is so toxic even Dump didn't want any part of him in the most corrupt administration in history.  Still the Fat Slob has seemingly avoided jail for his past actions in closing lanes of the GW Bridge.  Instead, in true Fat Slob character he is letting his staff take the hits. The Fat Slob is a disgusting disgrace.

Dump’s Taxes

President Dump looks terrible these days.  He's contorted and confused.  He knows they are closing in on him and the focus of the investigations will center on money.  Money is very important to Dump and so is his "rich guy" image that he flaunts to the unwashed masses of his base.  You can be sure that with money in focus investigators will want to look at Dump's tax returns.  You know the ones he has refused to release.  I bet this has Dump in a real tizzy.  I suspect the returns will show that Dump is worth far less than he claims and that he is in debt to Russian banks.  Can't wait. Maybe he will have a stroke?  We can only hope.

The Final Days

As we slide into summer there is a disease in the United States that threatens to totally wreck the country.  The USA is now the laughing stock of the world.  Ask anyone who travels abroad about what the world is saying.  They think the USA has lost its mind and they are probably right.  To be sure, President Dump is a threat to humanity.  A lunatic in charge of the nuclear codes!!  The man who cannot tell the truth.  He lies with impunity and the really sad thing is that there are fools that believe in him.  That rally last night in Iowa was surreal.  Dump is their "dear leader". The Iowa rally was pure out of the fascist playbook. Dump declared once that he could be seen on tape shooting someone and his base would still love him.  These supporters are brain dead and its disturbing to know we share the same country.  

And speaking of brain dead who can be worse than the Democrats.  They are losers pure and simple.  Nancy Pelosi is a relic who should step down. Democrats need new leadership to replace the ancient regime of losers who supposedly speak for the party.  They DO exist.  I see them on TV all the time.  Pelosi MUST GO.  It's not enough to come close in elections.  Democrats must prove they can win by standing for SOMETHING not just opposing Dump.  This guy Ossoff down in Georgia was a horrible candidate.  A better candidate could beaten that fat ugly woman.  

Anyway folks things are pretty bleak.  No use sugar coating it any longer.  These could be the final days of our country. Happy Summer!!!