The Thug Presidency

Donald Trump is a thug.  Always was and a minority of the American people fell for his con.  It's truly hard to find the words to express just how revolting I find Trump.  He is a creature from hell and he deserves everything I suspect he will get.  And just another note:  Jared Kushner is a huge scumbag. 

Fart Friday

The world is such a mess that I have decided to dedicate several of my old man farts today to various public figures.  The first recipient will be Hillary Clinton.  I hope this fart is replete with the Mexican food I ate last night.  Hillary is a disgusting bitch sore loser.  She is blaming everyone but her incompetent self for losing to the likes of Trump.  And speaking of the devil he gets fart number two for once again showing the world that America elected a moron thug as president.  He loves the attention.  He is so sick.  I won't waste keystrokes on commenting on the climate thing.  Just insane.  Finally, instead of a fart I want to dedicate my next bowel movement to Jared Kushner because he is the most repellent shit head in Trump world right now.