The Fat Slob’s Big Win

Following his landslide victory this Tuesday the Fat Slob, aka Chris Christie, gave up any pretense of  not running for president.  The rotund governor of New Jersey literally bounced onto the stage to surround himself with his equally fat family and deliver a speech worthy of every political hypocrite in good standing.  The Fat Slob slobbered on about the meaning of his victory.  He claimed to have crossed all barriers to Republicans by getting the Latino vote and making inroads among blacks.  He proclaimed himself the savior of the nation and for good measure he landed on Time's front cover for the week.

Of course what most of the Fat Slob's adoring fans (particularly on Morning Joe) don't mention is that Christie's victory was really brought about by other factors.  For instance, in his good fortune of being governor when one of the worst storms in this history bangs up your state.  Does anyone really think that any other governor would have not rose to the occasion?  Not mentioned either is the fact that Christie had no coattails.  The legislative branch in New Jersey stayed in Democrat control.  Indeed, the reputation of New Jersey has a political cesspool was fully on display in this election.  The Democrats made a deal with Christie not to put up a strong candidate against him and that's exactly what happened.  As Barbara Buono mentioned in her concession speech many of the Democrat bosses in New Jersey supported Christie.  In the end it was all about money down the road and the awarding of contracts from the state.  Christie the savior plays politics very well.  One hand washes the other in the Garden State. Additionally people sort of forget that Christie was so concerned about his margin of victory that he purposely scheduled a special Senate election in mid-October because he didn't want to run when Cory Booker was on the ballot. Didn't matter if it cost the state $24 million.  Everybody knows the Fat Slob is a fiscal conservative.

Regular readers know of my utter contempt for the right wing lunatics that now dominate the Republican Party. However, I will most definitely enjoy their efforts as over the next few months they take their shots at Christie.  By the time they are finished with him he will have morphed into Tony Soprano.

Governor Sociopath

Regular readers know of my utter disdain for the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey. I always thought he was a big fat phony who tried very hard to project a personality of caring for the people by way of a blunt and often obnoxious manner.  He delighted in telling people off particularly public servants like teachers and state workers.  He became a media darling especially to pundits like Joe Scarborough who never missed an opportunity to call Christie the savior of the Republican party. In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy Christie never missed an opportunity to get in front of a camera and project an image of being in charge.  He posed with President Obama in a show of bi-partisan cooperation. However, from the very onset of that horrible storm I smelled a rat.  Even before the storm hit in a pre-storm briefing Christie packed the press conference with political lackeys who applauded his every word.  Seemed suspicious to me at the time.  Seemed he was already looking for praise and accolades.

Of course New Jersey being full of morons and jerks The Fat Slob cruised to a huge reelection. Indeed, Christie wanted to not only win but win big because he always wanted to run for president.  The great fiscal conservative cost the state of New Jersey and extra $24 million to hold a “special” election for US Senate in October rather than run in November with Cory Booker on the ballot.  Meanwhile he was taking political revenge on officials who would not help him run up his margin like the Mayor of Fort Lee. I won’t go into all the current details of Bridgegate because so much is yet to come out.  Anyone who believes that Christie didn’t know about the plan to close lanes on the GW Bridge is an imbecile. The horror of what he and his aides did last September is really close to unbelievable.  Lives were disrupted.  One person died and even  innocent children were impacted.  I think it was criminal and I hope people go to jail.

Today comes a report that Christie is now facing a federal investigation concerning his use of Sandy relief funds that may have been used to promote his own reelection efforts.  I believe it’s becoming clear that Chris Christie is not only a Fat Slob but also a sociopath.

The Fat Slob on Center Stage

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Tonight, myself, and millions of other Americans will get to hear the Fat Slob himself deliver the keynote address to the assembled Tea Party members in Tampa.  The reviews are already in though and he was a SMASH hit!!!  Hit it out of the park.  Morning Joe will be having multiple orgasms over the speech and it will be deemed an instant classic by the pundits.  You see the press has this infatuation with Chris Christie.  They love the story of a fat slob, obnoxious bully from New Jersey.  They have created a cult of personality around the Fat Slob so even if he goes out there tonight and lets loose with flatulence that levels Tampa he will be phenomenal!!  Such is the state of our political system today that has a media which elevates the like of Chris Christie and ignores the blatant racist lies coming from the Romney campaign.