Staten Island Stupid

Now there is stupid and there is Staten Island stupid.  The morons who live in NYC’s most irrelevant borough decided in November to send Michael Grimm back to Congress notwithstanding a 20 count federal indictment that was hanging over his head.  Oh he claimed it was just a liberal smear and he was innocent of all charges.  Then last week this sociopath pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion charges in order to keep his ass out of the fire for the other 19 charges.  He still contended that he would not resign because the whole thing was just a mistake.  Well yesterday the illustrious Speaker of the House had a little chat with Mr. Grimm and told him to get out and get out quick.  The amazing part of this story is how stupid the folks on Staten Island are to have reelected this crook and nut job who is famous for threatening to throw a reporter for NY1 off a balcony.  I guess there is stupid and Staten Island stupid!!!