Harry and Meghan

Thank goodness for Harry and Meghan. I have been depressed lately and I needed to be cheered up. Watching H&M really hit the spot. Their sheer audacity and stupidity had me laughing out loud!!! Meghan in particular comes off as a total bitch. Harry resembles a nitwit. Actually, I felt grateful for the three Netflix episodes. I recommend them for those who want to feel better about themselves after watching two completely vapid and not very interesting people.

Warnock and the Senate

Senator Warnock will have a huge beneficial impact on many issues and will in my estimation become a powerful moral voice in the Senate, and few can argue that is needed. The preacher from Atlanta will be a great spokesperson for reasonable social policy initiatives, Also, just happy to see the Democrats with a little more wiggle room in the upper chamber. The “pundits” are already carrying on about the horrible 2024 Senate map for the Democrats and realistically it doesn’t look very good. Let’s hope Democrats can hold on to seats in a presidential election year.


I’m relieved that Warnock won but very distressed that so many
people actually thought Walker was fit to be a senator. While I’m not a huge Warnock fan I certainly prefer him in the US Senate rather than a complete imbecile. The bigger issue is the audacity of the Republican party to field such a candidate. Lord have mercy!!!

Beam me up!!!!!!

Haven’t been posting much lately owing to deep depression about the state of the nation. Really things are just getting ridiculous. When a deranged rapper can get this much attention and a lunatic billionaire attempts to emulate God thing are really spiraling out of control. Marjorie Taylor Green dominates a news cycle owing to her comments concerning farts. She then feuds with a huge neo-Nazi. This folks is your modern-day Republican party. Oh, then you have the insane former president (won’t type his name) declaring the constitution should be suspended and that he should regain the presidency. Yes, I think this is the twilight zone. Beam me up Scotty!!!!

The Election

The upcoming Congressional election looms as an important event in American history, The United States is currently in a political crisis. One party – the Republicans- has morphed into a neo-fascist mix of racists and just plain lunatics that surely threaten the foundation of our democracy. Never did I think I’d see the day when one single election would be so important. If Republicans succeed in taking both the House and Senate surely chaos will rule for at least the next two years. Conversely if they fail, they will yell and scream about being cheated and will refuse to accept defeats. Riots will probably develop. Either way we are in for trouble.

The polls

According to many polls the 2022 mid-term election is now trending toward the Republicans. Indeed, this theory is being spread with great enthusiasm by the mainstream media that for some reason is now the partner in crime with the GOP in hoping for a fascist takeover. I say BULLSHIT. First off polling has become very problematical in the age of the cell phone. In recent elections polling has been very flawed because many voters just have cell phones now having gotten rid of their land lines. In addition, the polling numbers from what I have observed do not factor in the probable big turnout among young voters and women. I’m very concerned that these polls are unduly impacting some voters from going to the polls. Don’t let that happen. Turnout is key to this election. VOTE!!!!

Give me a break!!!!

The world was crazy enough but now with the death of a Queen the surreal will definitely be in vogue. First off, I liked the Queen. Devoted public servant and one of the richest women in the world. Her death is a significant historical event but it isn’t the type of thing – like climate change- that impacts the lives of millions. The world is in the midst of unparalled weather disasters threatening the lives of millions and we will be led to believe that the passing of a 96-year-old woman is the most important current event. This death will be replayed continuously by the content starved main line media. Please folks give me a break!!!

The Hillary Mess

To be sure, the country is a mess right now. The insanity of Donald Trump now apparently extends to his possession of nuclear documents. Very likely the motive for the retention of these nuclear secrets was money. It’s always money for this evil man. Indeed, Trump is a cancer that has shaken the very foundation of our democracy. Yes, he’s demented and should never have been president. In 2016 by all reasonable standards Joe Biden should have been the Democrat nominee. I have no doubt that he would have beaten Trump. Instead, the Democrats nominated a totally flawed Hillary Clinton who proceeded to run one of the worst presidential campaigns in history. She thought it was her “turn” to be the first woman president and Obama who has very small balls was intimidated into backing her by the feminist lobby. Of course, he should have backed Biden!!! So, folks as the country careens toward civil war thank Hillary Clinton for this mess.

Total Insanity

Yesterday’s Select Committee meeting was truly scary. To learn how the fate of our democracy hung in the balance as unhinged mental cases screamed at each other. How are these people still allowed to be prancing around? Trump should be in prison. Meadows is nothing more than a cheap political thug. And that crazy Flyn character is right out of a horror movie. This has got to end. If these investigations don’t bring forth major criminal indictments what’s the point!!!

The Age of Drama

I reckon that high drama in politics is here to stay for at least the foreseeable future. In days of yore political leaders at least attempted to agree on some agenda items. These committee meetings have taken on a life of their own. The coming week may offer even more dramatic information. How much longer are the antics of a sociopath to be followed so closely. Trump is a national cancer. He has poisoned the well. So many issues need close attention, especially the climate challenges but we must engage our immediate energies into trying to save our democracy. This is a BIG issue folks. This mid-term elections are fixing to be the most important in history. Would expect nothing less in this AGE OF DRAMA..