End of Days

Really folks can things get worse. I guess so but the current state of the country and indeed the world are currently in bad shape. Climate issues top the list. To be sure the urgency of the climate crisis does not get top billing in the news. The collapse of a condo tower in Miami is the latest horror story. Indeed, this horrible event was likely caused by continuing rise if sea water. Florida coastlines will be history in 50 years. The images of the condo debris is startling and likely just an appetizer of what is to come. Meanwhile we have a good intentioned idiot as president who always seems to have the knack of opening his big mouth too often. Biden would fuck up a wet dream!!

Red State Assholes

It’s clear that vaccination rates in ruby red states are lagging substantially behind those of blue states. The political divide is stunning. We are truly living in a time when some states in this supposed union are behaving badly. I for one would love to see Alabama leave the union. Same for other mostly southern states. Really folks when for your own health and the sake of others vaccination is freely available qualifies as truly scary. These anti-vaccine folks are often Evangelical Christians who believe God makes them immune. The mental illness is severe.

Bishop Bums

It appears that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is getting ready to bar Joe Biden from receiving holy communion owing to his support of legal abortion rights. Now this is a big deal for practicing Catholics like Biden who wears his religion on his sleeve. Can you imagine the stupidity of these men of the cloth for going after one of the strongest Catholic faith leaders in the world. No wonder the Catholic Church in the USA has lost so many members. Actually the nerve of these bishops really pisses me off. They are among the most corrupt people on the planet. Imagine them going after Biden on any moral grounds after their refusal to properly admit to clergy molestations of altar boys!!!

People and Things I’m sick of

Just one of those mornings that seems surreal. So any way here it goes!!! I’m sick of the news media trying to portray this Biden-Putin meeting as a sporting event. Truly revealing for the “journalists”. I’m sick of virtually all Republicans who prove every day how truly insane they truly are. I get physically ill when I think of Republicans taking back the House. I am sick of supposedly smart people who ignore the climate crisis unfolding in the Western United States. Record setting high temperatures and severe draught. Indeed, it just may be too late for climate action. I’m sick and tired of even having to listen to any of the candidates for NYC Mayor. Things do not look promising for my beloved native city. I could go on but I guess readers already get the point. I’m in a really pissed off mood this fine morning.

Bye Bye Bibi

So rarely is there any good news on the global front but certainly the demise of Natanyahu is the exception. At least for the time being this horrible person it gone. Still he is the minority leader and will assuredly be opening his big mouth often. Of course he may be in jail since he is under investigation for various crimes. Sound familiar folks?? Yes we have our own version of Bibi in Trump.

Not ready for prime time

Democrats should be feeling anxious about Kamala. She is clearly not ready for prime time. Her disastrous trip South will haunt her forever. She will have to do a lot of growing in the job to overcome the negative reviews she is getting. I guess we quickly forgot the fact that her Presidential campaign was a flop and the campaign itself was subject to much criticism. I’ve determined that any presidential run with her would be a disaster. If not her who? I love Pete but the gay issue really rules it out. Anyway for now the Democrats should be a little concerned about No. 2.

UFO Cover Up

Once again the government is covering up the obvious truth about UFO sightings. The latest attempt to deny the existence of alien spacecraft is truly ridiculous. Indeed in disclaiming the existence of UFO’s the government releases pictures of actual encounters. Why? Is it that the powers that be don’t want to panic people? No I don’t think that’s the reason. Public officials are under tremendous pressure from religious groups (mostly Christian) to deny alien beings. These religious fanatics labor under the impression that earth is the only inhabited planet in the universe. We are so special and made in the image of God that no other existences are possible. The government should cut the shit!! Of course there are UFO’s and beings on other planets.

Good Riddance

Is it really happening? Is the most disgusting and vile president in US history really leaving today? The past four years have been a nightmare. Our country is now in an utter mess owing to the incompetence and downright craziness of Donald Trump. I honestly don’t know if we will be able to repair the damage that has been done. Trump should be in prison for his various crimes. We can always hope. Meanwhile I just want to say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

55 and Over Scumbags

I have the unfortunate situation of living in a 55 plus community in central New Jersey that is loaded with a bunch of racist old farts many of which have migrated from ultra racist Staten Island. There are Trump signs all over the place. I have very little to do with these cretins but the stench of their hatred still permeates the air making even my walks difficult to take these days. However as bad as it here the images yesterday of Dump’s super spreader rally at the Villages in central Florida were absolutely chilling. The Villages is billed as the largest retirement community in the USA and for my part is an image of hell. These morons were packed together yesterday to cheer their fearless leader who was there to rally them to vote their hatred. I really hope that many in that crowd of fat ugly assholes have the pleasure of welcoming COVID into their lives!!! Society certainly will not miss them!!!

Flip the Senate

Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic but Trump is a goner in my opinion. Unless the polls are historically wrong or the right wing militia gang decides to negate the election come January of 2021 the orange mega creep will be history. What we really should be focusing on is flipping the Senate which looks very doable now. Would love to see the turtle go back in his shell. So if any readers are thinking of donating any money in the finals days of this campaign give to the Democrat Senate candidate of your choice. My personal favorite is Jamie Harrison in South Carolina. The thought of seeing Lindsey Grahm concede defeat would be delicious!!!