Summer Solstice

The planets are aligned. Let the summer begin. Indeed, I think many of us are in need of a celestial reckoning. Unfortunately, not enough Americans recognize the danger developing ever so swiftly toward doing away with democracy. These far-right lunes are capable of an armed insurrection in many cities. It’s likely gonna be a long hot summer. And cheering it all on will be Donald J. Trump. This man should be under federal indictment for treason and be locked up. Trump continues to make a mockery of American justice. Should be quite a summer.

Insane Times

Truly folks. These are very nutty times. To be sure, the theatre of the absurd. There is a very obvious mental problem in the country that manifests itself in the delusion among many morons that the presidential election was rigged. Indeed the psychotic former president keeps repeating the BIG LIE. Truly dystopian. Then of course we must witness Joe Biden who in my view is in a stage of dementia falls off a bike he had no business being on. That’s the just the kind of intelligent insight we need in our leaders. Meanwhile the climate continues to erupt around the world. Thank goodness for weed!!!!

Texas Turds

How very fitting that the NRA is holding its annual convention in Texas. The perfect place for a bevy of sociopaths to meet and party. And of course, they have a list of great speakers to rile up the cretins. The former president of the United States spoke in his usual psychotic manner was awarded with warm applause by the gathering of gun loving freaks. But the warmest welcome was accorded to Ted Cruz. Really folks Cruz is the epitome of an excuse for a man. He is a creature from Hell and even bears a resemblance to the devil. This is a creature that is the definition of evil and cowardice. Indeed, his continued existence makes me doubt the possibility of God. Then there is Greg Abbott who is the leader of the Texas turds. He is a villain of epic proportions. In his wheelchair he reminds me of an evil character from a Bond movie. And I have to mention those Texas cops who look so ridiculous in their fucking huge hats. So brave that they stood aside while children were being massacred. They surely have a reserved place in Hell. My only hope is that Beto will be able to flush these turds in November!!!!

It’s the guns not “mental health”

Surely, we are nearing the end of days. To be sure, the killing of young innocents in Texas is another sign that the end is near. Yesterday I watched the news conference where that sociopath governor of Texas ranted about mental health being the reason 19 children and two teachers were gunned down in cold blood. There have mental health issues for humans since the beginning of time but there weren’t always automatic assault weapons that could be purchased by an 18-year-old without any checks. The problem is GUNS!!! There are more guns than people in the United States. The rest of the developed world deems us barbarians of gun violence and they are right. What kind of sick society allows people to purchase weapons of carnage without background checks??

Of course, a major part of the blame for this situation rests squarely with gun manufacturers and their allies in the Republican party that solicit and get money from these purveyors of death. Why in the name of God do individuals need high powered weapons of death? Many of the children killed in Texas couldn’t even be identified without DNA tests because they were so mutilated, We need serious gun control legislation in this country but the Republicans block every attempt. This is a sick country and getting sicker by each passing day. How many more folks will die from the carnage resulting from these weapons of destruction??

End of Days

It certainly appears that the end of days are upon us. Just watch the news for 10 minutes and you get a lifetime worth of depressing happenings. The situation in Ukraine is in the realm of the surreal. Why in the name of creation are we not going in there will guns blazing to save the brave Ukrainian people? Perhaps if we had a president that was not going senile and having increasing signs of dementia this crisis would quickly come to an end. Russia is a paper tiger. You think Putin will risk war with the US? I think not. As bad as Biden is the Republicans are in a league of their own. Republicans are at the point of avoiding reality and denying they have said things that are on tape!!!! We have a narcissistic billionaire attempting to take over Twitter in an effort to hide the fact that his Tesla cars are pieces of shit. Meanwhile the neo-fascist governor of Florida is picking fights with cartoon characters. Not a good morning friends. End of days for sure.

Sick and getting sicker

On this Easter Sunday morning it’s hard to be optimistic about the fate of mankind. Of course, the Russia / Ukraine situation is almost surreal if not for the real suffering of thousands of poor souls. Death and destruction because a tyrant wants power? A familiar theme throughout history but this time the threat of nuclear warfare looms as a possibility. I had believed that Putin wouldn’t resort to this temptation but he is increasingly getting pushed up against a wall and I’m sure he is pissed and even more crazy. Even we avoid a nuclear disaster the US domestic situation is enough to drive me to even more drink!!!

As a former Wall Streeter I know that nothing kills political ambitions more than inflation. Prices, particularly for food, are up sharply. People vote with their pocketbooks. As it stands now Democrats will lose the House and the Senate is up for grabs. Can you really imagine the GOP crazies in the House running Congress??? Therefore on this glorious Easter Sunday morning I wish I good be hopeful, but I can’t. It’s sick out there and getting sicker!!!!

Current Insanity

Really, things are getting out of control. Of course, living in the NYC area makes one realize how vital the subways are to the economic life of the city. That’s why I believe the guy they have targeted is the tip of the iceberg. We are living in crazy times. Is the worst yet to come. Easter weekend on tap????

The Age of Stupidity

Maybe it’s just me? Maybe only I feel like we are living in very strange times to say the least. We have the president of the greatest nuclear power on earth calling for the political ouster of the leader of another nuclear super power. You would like to believe our fearless leader Joe would choose his words more carefully in an attempt to avoid Word War Three. Then for comic relief we get a movie icon jumping on stage to slap (assault) a personality who supposedly insulted his wife. I reckon this little fabricated episode was viewed as real by many people and had nothing to do with Oscar ratings being in the toilet for years. Need something to spice things up so people will tune in next year. Of course that’s supposing we are alive next year having not perished in a nuclear war prompted by the stupidity of a semi-demented old man!!!!

Democrat Political Malpractice

By any historical standard this November will be a tough go for Democrats. However, the antics of the party are making the upcoming Congress elections a disaster in waiting for the Democrats. Indeed, as a former Wall Street analyst I can attest to the fact that if inflation is trending higher the party in power is in danger and right now prices are moving higher at the fastest pace in 40 years. The pandemic while waning now was not handled well by Biden who declared the whole thing was over in mid-2021 only to be followed by the omicron wave. American are emotionally drained and very unhappy. What do Democrats do? Well for starters they shouldn’t drag out Hillary Clinton to be their spokesperson. This old bag gave a speech citing all the same grievances about the Republicans that didn’t work when she ran a disastrous campaign for president. Indeed, why do the Democrats insist on putting forth these ancient relics to be the face of their party? Biden is bad enough but now the loser Hillary. Get real Democrats or we are going to have the fascist Republicans running Congress in the next two years. Definitely political malpractice.

Media Madness

I’m sick of the media covering Trump. Isn’t there anything more important than reporting on the ravings of a demented mad man? Indeed, the media in my view is the reason we ever got the orange asshole in the first place. By the way in flipping through channels yesterday I caught the ” pre” Trump rally show on Newsmax. It was truly incredible. I lasted about five minutes before I thought my head would explode but stayed long enough to realize these people are seriously deranged. After watching I was truly concerned of whether or not the country can survive as a democracy.