Democrat Political Malpractice

By any historical standard this November will be a tough go for Democrats. However, the antics of the party are making the upcoming Congress elections a disaster in waiting for the Democrats. Indeed, as a former Wall Street analyst I can attest to the fact that if inflation is trending higher the party in power is in danger and right now prices are moving higher at the fastest pace in 40 years. The pandemic while waning now was not handled well by Biden who declared the whole thing was over in mid-2021 only to be followed by the omicron wave. American are emotionally drained and very unhappy. What do Democrats do? Well for starters they shouldn’t drag out Hillary Clinton to be their spokesperson. This old bag gave a speech citing all the same grievances about the Republicans that didn’t work when she ran a disastrous campaign for president. Indeed, why do the Democrats insist on putting forth these ancient relics to be the face of their party? Biden is bad enough but now the loser Hillary. Get real Democrats or we are going to have the fascist Republicans running Congress in the next two years. Definitely political malpractice.

Media Madness

I’m sick of the media covering Trump. Isn’t there anything more important than reporting on the ravings of a demented mad man? Indeed, the media in my view is the reason we ever got the orange asshole in the first place. By the way in flipping through channels yesterday I caught the ” pre” Trump rally show on Newsmax. It was truly incredible. I lasted about five minutes before I thought my head would explode but stayed long enough to realize these people are seriously deranged. After watching I was truly concerned of whether or not the country can survive as a democracy.

Biden is really pathetic

I certainly agree with Biden’s description of Peter Doocy but once again the old man in the White House screws things up by being caught on an open mic. Really If Biden were capable of having a wet dream, he would fuck that up too. That aside I’m terrified about how Biden may mess up the Ukraine situation. After Afghanistan how could there be confidence of his handling the situation? I’m sure Putin is playing a game of chicken with our fearless leader and I for one don’t like this scenario. I’m beginning to think we need divine intervention to get us out of this mess.

Biden Must Go

Look folks President Biden seems to be a good person but he is unfit to be president. At this point in the country’s history, we need bold confident leadership and that is not what this 79-year-old man offers. Yes, age is a factor. He is obviously challenged on a cognitive level and should be back in Wilmington playing with his dog. His news conference blunder over the Ukraine is really telling. He’s just a confused old geezer who needs to let go of the reins of government. I would much rather take my chances with Kamala. Please Joe, resign for the good of the country

Fascist Florida

It’s happening right before our eyes. They are now openly acting like fascists. Yesterday in Florida a political activist was arrested for attempting to ask a question at a news conference at which Ron DeSantis was trying to explain away his horrible response to the current surge of COVID in the state. DeSantis has been AWOL for several weeks during the surge. Probably plotting his moves to become the GOP presidential nominee in 2024. He is a clever ivy league educated creep who knows Trump is more likely to be in jail in 2024 than be running for president again. DeSantis has many qualities that the crazy loony base of today’s Republican Party would embrace. He would have a good shot at the nod. Meanwhile he is acting like a fascist dictator in having people led out of his events in handcuffs. Indeed, the images of a black man being handcuffed out of a public event at the behest of Ron’s private security force in chilling and reminiscent of pre-war Nazi Germany.

Democrat Cowards

The Republican Party is now nothing more than a collection of sociopath cretins who are interested in doing away with democracy. They are zealots and provide a real challenge to all those who want to preserve democratic rule. Unfortunately, their task is made easy by the reluctance of the Democrats to have any backbone in confronting them. To be sure there are some vocal Democrats but for the large part the party has mounted no real challenge to the autocratic movement being espoused by the Republicans. Accordingly, as 2022 moves on I see no reason for optimism that Republican criminals (particularly Trump and his cohorts) will face any accountability. Shame on the Democrats!!!!

And the winner is……………….

It really wasn’t too difficult to pick the worst person of the year. Joe Manchin is easily the winner. This very wealthy hillbilly from West Virgina managed to deny millions of Americans who needed financial help from getting it. Manchin says he is a Democrat but in reality, he is a creepy Republican. I could go on at length about how repulsive I find this man but actually he’s not worth the keystrokes. Clearly the worst person of the year.

Worst Person of the Year

I’ve been struggling to come up with the worst person of the year award. Not to say there is a lack of candidates. Indeed, the problem is there are so many candidates. There are the obvious ones like the crazy Republicans in the House who spew completely delusional shit. There are the usual suspects in the Senate. It seems that Moscow Mitch is always a strong candidate for our award. Still the perfect worst person is elusive for me. Maybe I’ll give it some more thought. Stay tuned.

Signs and Omens

How can anyone ignore the signs and the omens? These have to be the end of times. When tornadoes wipe out towns in December the obvious culprit must be climate change. And what about the western wild fires and the northeast floods of this year, Yet the old fool in the White House refuses to admit that the tornadoes were part of the climate disaster now impacting the globe. Another sign of the end of times is a pandemic that seems not to be over by a long shot. Depression and anxiety are running rampart across the world. Things are bound to get worse on the pandemic front once the holidays are past. January will be brutal. Just waiting for the big earthquake out West to provide the icing on the horrible cake.

Full Moon

Perhaps it’s the full moon that is making the Republicans behave even more unhinged than usual. Truly folks this bunch of creeps needs some serious therapy. I inflicted upon myself the horror of watching the C-Span debate on Gosar. The vast majority of Republican speakers were pure sociopaths. We are in serious danger if these loonies take over the House next year which many polls are suggesting will happen. Can you imagine McCarthy in line to be Speaker? Enough to give me a panic attack.