The current “balloon” media sweeping the media is really amusing. The entire notion of spying is now taken to a new level. We must now be aware of detection from 40,000 feet, Yesterday, Justine Trudeau of Canada had another type of object shot down. Something is going on??? I for one have always believed in UFO existence. When you consider how absurd the earth looks now aliens must be preparing to cause mischief. So, enjoy the Super Bowl USA!!!!

End of Days????

To be sure, I’m a pessimist by nature being raised by a mother who was the epitome of gloom and doom. Indeed, Mom would be in full end of the world mode given recent events. Admittedly the recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey bring predictions of even more disasters to come. If you look at weather patterns for the past few months, the climate looks like something big is up. Flooding in this country is now the norm and it’s been the earliest tornado season in history. Mom would have course pointed out how all of this has been happening according to biblical predictions. In any event the rest of this year could prove very interesting.

The Balloon

Further proof that the world is on the verge of a complete breakdown was the recent hysteria over the Chinese balloon. I needed a laugh and the past few days have provided lots of fun moments. First off spying between the USA and most adversary countries if a two-way street. What made this different was THE BALLOON. Why not other widely used surveillance methods. Was it done for effect to get the most attention and tell the world our air space is not sacred??? Or perhaps more sinister is the immediate thought that these balloons may carry toxic elements. Afterall COVID did start in a lab in China. Anyway, if the Chinese were sending a message, I got it. Something new to worry about!!!

The worst of times

It’s hard to be optimistic these days. I mean REALY HARD!!! To be sure, I’m not a particularly optimistic person but events of the past few days have been off the charts for those of us who believe the end of our civilization may be at hand. How many more deaths will it take before there will be some meaningful gun control in this country? The world is looking at the United States as a barbaric waste land of gun violence. Indeed, how many people will die from gun violence in the coming days?? Meanwhile we have leaders of our country who are completely inept. They can’t even control their files!!!

Missouri Dress Code

If you are a woman serving in the state legislature in Missouri, you will now be required to cover your arms. Yes, folks in this year of our Lord women will now be subject to dress codes. I wonder if the Republican crazies who pushed this ridiculous edict will further their quest for female propriety to skirt length? Indeed, perhaps they will say women can’t wear pants!! These Republicans are bat shit crazy. However, these nuts are also religious zealots and therefore are very dangerous to our secular society.

Kevin McCarthy -SINO

So the man from California achieved his dream job. Even after receiving extreme humiliation from right wing lunatics, he craved the job and finally got it. Good luck Kevin!! Actually, I think that Kevin is stupid enough to think that he actually will have power. In order to get the gig, he had to agree to a procedure that basically makes his power mute. One member could now basically ask for a vote of no confidence for poor desperate Kevin. Indeed, the chaos among Republicans is very entertaining to political junkies (I admit I’m one) but these cretins are basically in control of the House agenda. Kevin is a speaker in name only. With absolute sociopaths calling the shots in the House we the people are in deep shit. They will likely vote not to up the debt limit which will cause major economic pain. These horrible people just don’t seem to care. They are ignorant idealogues, but they now have the opportunity to do real damage. Kevin Sino more than likely will be unable to maneuver any of the zealots to cooperate. Fasten your seat belts folks gonna be a rocky road.

The Republican Crazies

I admit to being a political junkie for most of my life so Republican antics of the past few days has provided wonderful entertainment. However, the danger to the country grows with each day of Republican neglect. Of course, the image of crazy Republican fanatics keeping the House of Representatives in chaos is not helpful on the world stage. How this ends is anybody’s guess. One thing however is clear to me. The Republican Party is being held hostage by a small group of marginal fascists that only want to tear down our democracy. As much as I enjoy the political drama, we need a functioning House. At the same time, we need a new Republican party. I’m not optimistic and either score

Happy New Year

I have a strong feeling that 2023 may be a lousy year on many levels. Of course, everyone has their “micro” issues of health and relationships that could influence the total mix. Still, the “macro” issues could truly be stunning. First, the political situation in the country will be outrageous in 2023. Any hope for meaningful legislation to benefit our society is virtually nil. Republicans have cemented their position in the crazy lane, and they will contribute nothing to political dialogue but hate. . I predict that in 2023 we will see the horrible Ron DeSantis become the front runner for the 2024 nomination, I’m not as scared of him as I have been. I think he will self-destroy on the national scene. Of coarse the new year will increase speculation about another run by Biden. I sincerely hope that Biden will rest on his accomplishments and retire. He will go down in history as being a significant player in the restoration of American democracy. If that happens who will the Democrat’s choose.? I can’t even conjure up who it would be. Meanwhile climate problems will continue unabated in the coming year. Climate change is serious, and I shudder to think of the worst outcomes. Russia may be a real problem in 2023. Putin is hopelessly lost in Ukraine and lost men often do nutty things, The man does have nukes. Anyway, I hope to be commenting more frequently in coming months but for now Happy New Year to all.

The Santos Travesty

The big news this morning is that newly elected House Representative George Santos lied about his background. Mind you these were not little white lies but king size whoppers. He has admitted to lying about his business experience, religion, and sexuality. He has admitted to being broke and then suddenly lent his campaign $700,000. Lied about his residency, and by some accounts committed crimes in Brazil. The guy is a travesty and should not be allowed to sit in Congress. Now to be sure most political figures fudge the truth but in this case the fraud is so apparent that it warrants decisive action. Also, I believe the NYS Democrat party is a joke. Did they ever hear about opposition research? This Santos character was running for the SECOND time. The political malpractice is amazing. Anyway, Santos will likely be seated as Republicans need every possible vote to control the chamber. Sad commentary on our political climate.


It’s hard to imagine a more narcissistic person than Elon Musk I still can’t figure out how someone so disgusting became so filthy rich. And he got rich off the people who he now disses. The liberals who bought his electric cars because they were eco-l friendly. Seeing him at the World Cup yesterday along with that repulsive Jared Kushner was enough to spoil my Sunday dinner.