A Deranged President

It’s amazing that it has come to this. It is clear to any reasonable person that Donald Trump is deranged. It is quite likely he a drug addict. Yet the irresponsible main street media refuses to report what is so plainly obvious. Even after a performance this week where he was clearly drug impaired there was only silence. The media has enabled this horrible man since the very onset of his candidacy. When he finally sets the world ablaze folks that should have spoken up will lament the day they didn’t speak the obvious truth. Today I start a practice of just not listening to the cable news any longer. Why bother?

Build a Wall

I have concluded that a dangerous cult in now threatening the country that I love. This cult is primarily composed of Dump supporters. They are hateful and horrible people. I don’t want to call them my countrymen. Therefore I propose giving this cult a certain number of states in the old confederacy and then building a wall to impede these cretins from entering the USA.

Quite probably this new confederacy of dunces will become independent and declare a monarchy as their form of government. Of course they will have some member of the Dump family as the leader. More than likely this new country will align with Russia and conceivably be part of the new Soviet Union. In Dumpland everyone will open carry all sorts of good guns and women will find it very hard to control their own bodies. Surely a wall should be built to keep these creeps out!!! Well I could go on and on but I think you all get the point. We are truly fighting the forces of political and moral evil. We need a wall!!!

Ted Cruz

Happened to watch Ted Cruz this morning which is not a recommended way to start the day. Anyway this sickening fool is now all in with Putin. Really folks, what the fuck is going one. I won’t bother to get into the details of the various cruel things Dump has uttered concerning the esteemed Senator’s father and wife. Let’s just leave it at Cruz has no balls.

I really doubt the possibility of our political system ever recovering from this Era of Lies and Lunacy. Mayor Pete is the only candidate who can tackle the repair job. He has the smarts and temperament to be a great leader. Still he is only human and Dump and his cast of crazies has created an awful problem.

The Era of Disgust

When the history of the Dump years are written I propose it should be entitled The Era Of Disgust. So appalling are the cast of characters that we see every day from this so-called Administration that you can have a vomit frenzy any second. Best not to watch!! Well very seriously on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2019 the country is very fucked up. A solid 40% of my fellow countrymen thank Dump is just fine. For those of us with functioning brains this is unfathomable but true. And as for Republicans I wish them all the sorrow their being can accept. They are cowards and traitors.

So What??

So after two weeks of hearings the word is that Democrats will ultimately vote to impeach Dump. So what? Until anything resembling patriotism comes upon Senate Republicans Dump will not come close to being convicted in the Senate. End of story.! Hope he resigns (unlikely) or just goes completely insane and requires hospitalization in a mental facility with rubber walls. Anyone who can say with certainly what the political landscape will be in coming months is blowing smoke up your ass.


President Dump made an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed hospital yesterday. The spin was it was part of a “normal” checkup. Bullshit. He is setting us for a resignation because of health reasons. This obese slob who supposedly was in great shape is now reportedly having some chest pains. I only hope they get worse!!!

Twitter twits

Well I got kicked off Twitter for calling Meghan McCain a fat bitch. They want me to remove the tweet and I will not because she is a fat bitch. This is the second time I have been suspended from Twitter. The first time was for criticizing Nancy Pelosi. Funny how both tweets have involved women. Guess the twitter censor is an angry bitch.. And they say men have all the power. HA HA

Uber No Show

The much anticipated Uber IPO turned out to be a bust.  Touted as the IPO of the year the shares closed down more than 7% from their offering price.  To be sure, I wasn’t surprised.  Perhaps after working more than 30 years on the Street some semblance of common sense surfaced in my old brain.  Guess I’m an believer in actual fundamentals for stock evaluation.  For instance earnings are a good thing and Uber has nothing but losses.  Assets are also a good thing.  Uber as none.  Indeed, the stock market in general mystifies this senior citizen by maintaining a loft level of valuation given the horrible prospects for the economy.  Cash should be king right now and maybe the reception of the Uber IPO will give investors ample warning.

Nancy Pelosi is a traitor too

By this time you would have to be brain dead not to know that Donald Dump is a traitor who is beholden to a hostile foreign power. Now we know that Nancy Pelosi is also a traitor. By refusing to immediately bring impeachment articles before the House she is a traitor to the constitution of the United States. She reckons it would be politically unwise to initiate impeachment. Perhaps she is right but what about the “moral” issue? If anyone in modern memory deserves to be impeached it’s Dump. There can be no denying that!!! Pelosi has to go. Resign and check into a clinic for a much needed additional face lift!!!