Blame Hillary

If you think the current political situation is a bucket full of shit there is one person who is to blame. Hillary Clinton. She was supposed to be the smartest woman in the world. Brilliant thinker. She was going to be the first US woman president. Too bad she couldn’t figure out how to run a campaign. Her neglect of Michigan and Wisconsin in 2016 gave us the demon from hell who is now in the process of destroying our country. So while we are desperately trying to defeat Trump this horrible woman sits in her Chappaqua estate drinking wine and laughing like a wounded animal. I hope she has a miserable life.

The 2020 Nightmare

Anyone can see that there is a curse afoot in this country. Indeed, beginning with the Russian selection of Dump to be president our country has been plagued by a rash of horrible events. Last night when I heard the news of RBG’s passing I just took it with a grain of salt. What next? I’m putting my money on an earthquake in LA. Storms up the ass in the Gulf. Final days anyone?? To be sure, I would like to have some optimism about the future but alas I can only opine that things are gonna get worse. The 2020 nightmare is not over by a long shot.

Getting Dicey

I know the world has been turned upside down for many people during the past five months. However, the degree of separation from reality keeps getting stronger by the day, if not hour. So Biden is the nominee. So what!!! My hope if that he surrounds himself with good competent people. I think he will. Then there is the King of Chaos spewing forth roaring mouthfuls of shit. The man is seriously deranged. He will ultimately self destruct but until then he will do all he can to please Putin. Trump is a Russian Agent. We now have proof. Trump will do everything he can to wreck our democracy. The November election will be a circus. So really folks I can’t get too excited about the polls showing a Biden win. Things are gonna get real dicey real soon.

Utter Insanity

Just when I think Dump couldn’t be more bizarre he proves me wrong again. Yesterday in another train wreck of a “press briefing” the supposed president of the United States endorsed the view of a doctor who believe demons and witches cause women to have problems and who believes a dangerous drug is a cure for Corona. Indeed, things seem to get more spooky by the hour these days and where it goes from here is anyone’s guess. Beam me up Scotty!!!

Desperate and Dangerous

As Trump drops in the polls (even losing Texas) he is becoming more desperate by the hour. His latest threat is to send more Federal Gestapo troops to “Democrat” cities to supposedly curtail violence. Of course that is bullshit. He just wants to impress his racist base and it’s an attempt to emulate Nixon’s law and order campaign of 1968. I am appalled by what’s going on in Portland but that’s exactly what Trump wants. He is such a disgusting excuse for a human being that he does things that he knows will rile his adverseries up. His threat to send the Gestapo into other cities is probably a bluff but you really never know what a deranged person is capable of.

The Twilight Zone

Surely this past week qualifies as one of the most bizarre times of the Twilight Zone in which we all now live. Consider that the week featured the emergence of a Gestapo police force in Portland that is going around arresting people without authorization on the orders of a demented sociopath. Then pivot to Georgia where the governor of the state is suing the major of Atlanta who wants people to wear masks to help mitigate a pandemic. For more evidence of impending doom shift to Washington where the President of the United States and his air head daughter are hawking beans of a company that kisses the ass of a lunatic. Meanwhile the pandemic is sweeping the nation infecting and killing thousands of people while the Fat Slob sociopath golfs with his South Carolina butt boy. Surely folks this has to be one of the strangest weeks of the Twilight Zone. My fear is that it’s gonna get worse!!!!

A Very Sick Country

Some mornings it just hits you right up front. This is a very sick country. I’m not just talking about the death toll from corona but the attitude of so many so called citizens of this republic that tolerate the kind of hate being spewed daily from the supposed leader of the free world. Trump has so polluted the body politic that any civil discourse is virtually impossible. We have a situation where it has become a political issue of whether or not to wear a mask in public. Complete and utter insanity. Then you have the actions of racist police officers killing an unarmed black man by choking him to death. Yes not all police are racists but in my opinion most are!!! In Central Park in NYC an obviously deranged white women feels threatened by a black bird watcher. Her past reveals other instances of delusion. There are more than 100,000 Americans dead today because a totally incompetent and cruel creature occupies the Oval Office. What the fuck is wrong with the country. Very sick.

Cultists Should Obey

I really hope that Dump’s cultist base takes the advice of their dear leader and starts injecting themselves with bleach and other disinfectants. What a wonderful way for the rest of us to be rid of these deplorables. While they are at it they may consider ingesting some battery driven light bulbs. Really folks we have gotten to the point that all of this seems like an article in the Onion. The world is laughing their asses off over what is happening here. Indeed, it would be hilarious if thousands of people weren’t dying. Meanwhile I wish the cultists a hearty bottoms up!!!


Nothing like a pandemic to bring out the morons that live among us. The Governor of Georgia is reopening such institutions as massage and tattoo parlors deeming them vital industries. Of course this moron is taking his cue from the world’s biggest moron who now resides in the White House. Really folks shit like this leaves me with an acute sense of hopelessness for the survival of society.

Twilight Zone

It’s been actually very difficult to post these days since there are so many topics to rant about. There is a sense of unreality to all of this that is epitomized in the fact that there is a raving lunatic in the White House. If Dump were an ordinary citizen he would have been locked up months ago. Now we see this criminal cretin urging his deplorable followers to armed rebellion. I have long contended that this was coming and if Dump loses the election these animals will go full metal jacket. And on that score who can be confident that Biden is up to the job? In my youth I’ve seen better looking stiffs laid out in Bronx funeral parlors!!! In addition the man can’t even speak a cogent sentence. Yes folks this is the Twilight Zone for sure.